We are also a teaching and training  provider specializing in meeting the needs of importers and exporters in South Africa. We deliver convenience and lessen the time away from work by providing workplace teaching and training. We come to you.

One of our popular programmes is a 7 hour teaching which empowers frontline workers with the tools required to mitigate risk, manage costs and create value.  We define creating value as providing solutions, solving problems and meeting the needs of the employer and customer.

From our experience, the correct application of Incoterms, VAT Act and the Customs Acts are the main areas of risk for importers and exporters.  The programme therefore focuses on: –

1) incoterms and procurement of carriage,

2) incoterms and cargo insurance

3) incoterms and VAT

4) incoterms and customs valuation

5) the three essential processes of the Customs Control Act, 2014 and Customs Duty Act, 2014, which is pre-assessment, assessment and post assessment.

Our goal in our teaching and training programs is to improve performance, build capacity and create talent pool.

Some of the topics covered in our training programs

  1. SAQA US ID 252416 - CCA-CDA


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