FREIGHT FORWARDING: The Freight Network Corporation Group, also known as FNC Group, has over 450 plus members, located in 600 cities in over 100 different nations across the globe. 




CUSTOMS CLEARANCES: Delays, undue costs and/or penalties are some of the problems associated with customs clearance of imported goods. Customs liabilities accrued over a period of time can result in significant financial exposure. Customs and other governmental legislation in international supply chain logistics can be complex. But the correction application of the Customs Acts, rules and procedures creates unique advantages over competitors by competing on costs, time and service. The Customs Control Act (CCA), 2014 and Customs Duty Act (CDA), 2014 provide opportunities to create value, improve competitiveness and maximize profitability.



TRACK AND TRACE POWERED BY CARGOWISE ONE: CargoWise One’s web-based tracking capabilities provides visibility and peace of mind.  Importers and exporters can see the status of goods, orders, and shipments easily and in real time. You can access information whenever you need it.



Consultancy and Compliance services

  • Tariff classification of goods
  • Customs valuation
  • Rules of origin
  • Bond store set up and management
  • Rebate store set up and management
  • Registration and licensing of importers, exporter, bond store, rebate stores, etc with SARS Customs
  • Dispute resolutions
  • Compliance audits
  • Logistics costs audits
  • Alignment of processes and quality procedures with the Customs Control and Duty Acts
  • Compliance improvement solutions
  • Customs refunds
  • Applications for tariff determination, value decision determination and origin determination
  • Application for the creation of rebate facility
  • Application for the increase or reduction in the rate of customs duty.
  • Assistance with accreditation (SARS Preferred Trader Programme)