At ABC kings we embrace every day as a seed for a better tomorrow.  Every opportunity is used for improving our skills, increasing our productivity, maximizing our potential, creating value and making a difference to the value chain. We strive to lead in Academic initiatives, Business solutions, and Collaborative partnerships. As an intellectual capital logistics company, we develop and maintain the right human capital, structural capital and relational capital.

Our value proposition

As Agents, Brokers, Consultants in the logistical chain we simplify complexity, improve compliance, manage risk, provide solutions, create value, deliver convenience and focus on mutual learning because we are committed to building mutually beneficial relationships for advancing careers and companies for economic success.

What we do

  1. Freight forwarding, customs brokerage and trade compliance consultancy in the logistical value chain.
  2. Registered agent for foreign principals seeking registration in South Africa as foreign importers and/or foreign exporters.
  3. Certification of shippers for SOLAS verification of the gross mass of a packed container.
  4. We simplify complexity, deliver convenience and lessen time away from work by providing workplace training for importers and exporters.  We specialize in empowering front line employees with the know-how of the Customs Control Act and Customs Duty Act (of 2014) to manage risk and create value in the international logistical value chain.  

Our brand promise

  • Instead of products we focus on providing solutions.
  • Instead of price we focus on creating value.
  • Instead of place we focus on delivering convenience.
  • Instead of promotion we focus on mutual learning for improving the value chain.

Our vision and purpose

Preferred lifetime partner of legally beneficial logistics solutions.

Our values

  1. Respect
  2. Leadership
  3. Creativity
  4. Integrity
  5. Accountability
  6. Enjoyment

What’s new?

Affiliation, agreements and accreditation

Code of Ethical Conduct – The South African Association of Freight Forwarders

  1. Discharge our obligations to our clients efficiently, competently, honestly and with integrity and seek to enhance the good standing and reputation of the industry by fostering good relations with our clients, suppliers, other business partners and fellow members.
  2. Keep information received from our clients confidential and shall only divulge such information to a third party with the express consent of the client concerned, or to the extent required by law, or to execute the business.
  3. Associate ourselves only with enterprises, transactions and dealings which are lawful in nature and which enhance the reputation of the Association.
  4. Refrain from engaging in any restrictive trade practices, or unlawful cartels and shall ensure that any position of market dominance is exercised honourably.
  5. Market our services on our own merits, compete for business fairly, and refrain from denigrating the reputation or good name of a fellow member.